Learn about the different ways to collaborate with the doradoro project, free and paid.

Currently the main means of collaboration with the project, in addition to the purchase of video games, is Patreon.

Collaborate for free with Twitch Prime

If you are currently paying Amazon Prime you can allocate a portion of your monthly Prime to Twitch users. You just have to subscribe with Prime to my Twitch channel. It will not affect the price or services of your Amazon Prime monthly payment and the donation will not be renewed automatically. Do the test! We all win!

Other ways to donate

You can make a donation by these means. If you need any other service contact to me in the chat.

If you need a VPS Hosting

If you need a cheaper, more professional, faster and more versatile advanced hosting than you have now. For example to mount a Multiplayer server with Godot or any other engine… Try mine, you can do it for free.