Inherits: AnimationRootNode < AnimationNode < Resource < Reference < Object

AnimationTree node resource that contains many blend type nodes.


This node may contain a sub-tree of any other blend type nodes, such as mix, blend2, blend3, one shot, etc. This is one of the most commonly used roots.



Vector2graph_offsetVector2( 0, 0 )


voidadd_node ( String name, AnimationNode node, Vector2 position=Vector2( 0, 0 ) )
voidconnect_node ( String input_node, int input_index, String output_node )
voiddisconnect_node ( String input_node, int input_index )
AnimationNodeget_node ( String name ) const
Vector2get_node_position ( String name ) const
boolhas_node ( String name ) const
voidremove_node ( String name )
voidrename_node ( String name, String new_name )
voidset_node_position ( String name, Vector2 position )


  • CONNECTION_OK = 0 — The connection was successful.
  • CONNECTION_ERROR_NO_INPUT = 1 — The input node is null.
  • CONNECTION_ERROR_NO_INPUT_INDEX = 2 — The specified input port is out of range.
  • CONNECTION_ERROR_NO_OUTPUT = 3 — The output node is null.
  • CONNECTION_ERROR_SAME_NODE = 4 — Input and output nodes are the same.
  • CONNECTION_ERROR_CONNECTION_EXISTS = 5 — The specified connection already exists.

Property Descriptions

DefaultVector2( 0, 0 )

The global offset of all sub-nodes.

Method Descriptions

Adds an AnimationNode at the given position. The name is used to identify the created sub-node later.

  • void connect_node ( String input_node, int input_index, String output_node )

Connects the output of an AnimationNode as input for another AnimationNode, at the input port specified by input_index.

  • void disconnect_node ( String input_node, int input_index )

Disconnects the node connected to the specified input.

Returns the sub-node with the specified name.

Returns the position of the sub-node with the specified name.

Returns true if a sub-node with specified name exists.

  • void remove_node ( String name )

Removes a sub-node.

Changes the name of a sub-node.

Modifies the position of a sub-node.

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