Inherits: Object

A tracked object.


An instance of this object represents a device that is tracked, such as a controller or anchor point. HMDs aren’t represented here as they are handled internally.

As controllers are turned on and the AR/VR interface detects them, instances of this object are automatically added to this list of active tracking objects accessible through the ARVRServer.

The ARVRController and ARVRAnchor both consume objects of this type and should be used in your project. The positional trackers are just under-the-hood objects that make this all work. These are mostly exposed so that GDNative-based interfaces can interact with them.





TrackerHandget_hand ( ) const
intget_joy_id ( ) const
Meshget_mesh ( ) const
Stringget_name ( ) const
Basisget_orientation ( ) const
Vector3get_position ( ) const
intget_tracker_id ( ) const
boolget_tracks_orientation ( ) const
boolget_tracks_position ( ) const
Transformget_transform ( bool adjust_by_reference_frame ) const
TrackerTypeget_type ( ) const


enum TrackerHand:

  • TRACKER_HAND_UNKNOWN = 0 — The hand this tracker is held in is unknown or not applicable.
  • TRACKER_LEFT_HAND = 1 — This tracker is the left hand controller.
  • TRACKER_RIGHT_HAND = 2 — This tracker is the right hand controller.

Property Descriptions


The degree to which the tracker rumbles. Ranges from 0.0 to 1.0 with precision .01.

Method Descriptions

Returns the hand holding this tracker, if known. See TrackerHand constants.

  • int get_joy_id ( ) const

If this is a controller that is being tracked, the controller will also be represented by a joystick entry with this ID.

  • Mesh get_mesh ( ) const

Returns the mesh related to a controller or anchor point if one is available.

Returns the controller or anchor point’s name if available.

  • Basis get_orientation ( ) const

Returns the controller’s orientation matrix.

Returns the world-space controller position.

  • int get_tracker_id ( ) const

Returns the internal tracker ID. This uniquely identifies the tracker per tracker type and matches the ID you need to specify for nodes such as the ARVRController and ARVRAnchor nodes.

  • bool get_tracks_orientation ( ) const

Returns true if this device tracks orientation.

  • bool get_tracks_position ( ) const

Returns true if this device tracks position.

Returns the transform combining this device’s orientation and position.

Returns the tracker’s type.

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