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Inherits: AudioEffect < Resource < Reference < Object

Inherited By: AudioEffectEQ10, AudioEffectEQ21, AudioEffectEQ6

Base class for audio equalizers. Gives you control over frequencies.

Use it to create a custom equalizer if AudioEffectEQ6, AudioEffectEQ10 or AudioEffectEQ21 don’t fit your needs.


AudioEffectEQ gives you control over frequencies. Use it to compensate for existing deficiencies in audio. AudioEffectEQs are useful on the Master bus to completely master a mix and give it more character. They are also useful when a game is run on a mobile device, to adjust the mix to that kind of speakers (it can be added but disabled when headphones are plugged).


intget_band_count ( ) const
floatget_band_gain_db ( int band_idx ) const
voidset_band_gain_db ( int band_idx, float volume_db )

Method Descriptions

  • int get_band_count ( ) const

Returns the number of bands of the equalizer.

  • float get_band_gain_db ( int band_idx ) const

Returns the band’s gain at the specified index, in dB.

  • void set_band_gain_db ( int band_idx, float volume_db )

Sets band’s gain at the specified index, in dB.

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