Inherits: Spatial < Node < Object

Inherited By: Area, PhysicsBody

Base node for collision objects.


CollisionObject is the base class for physics objects. It can hold any number of collision Shapes. Each shape must be assigned to a shape owner. The CollisionObject can have any number of shape owners. Shape owners are not nodes and do not appear in the editor, but are accessible through code using the shape_owner_* methods.


void_input_event ( Object camera, InputEvent event, Vector3 click_position, Vector3 click_normal, int shape_idx ) virtual
intcreate_shape_owner ( Object owner )
RIDget_rid ( ) const
Arrayget_shape_owners ( )
boolis_shape_owner_disabled ( int owner_id ) const
voidremove_shape_owner ( int owner_id )
intshape_find_owner ( int shape_index ) const
voidshape_owner_add_shape ( int owner_id, Shape shape )
voidshape_owner_clear_shapes ( int owner_id )
Objectshape_owner_get_owner ( int owner_id ) const
Shapeshape_owner_get_shape ( int owner_id, int shape_id ) const
intshape_owner_get_shape_count ( int owner_id ) const
intshape_owner_get_shape_index ( int owner_id, int shape_id ) const
Transformshape_owner_get_transform ( int owner_id ) const
voidshape_owner_remove_shape ( int owner_id, int shape_id )
voidshape_owner_set_disabled ( int owner_id, bool disabled )
voidshape_owner_set_transform ( int owner_id, Transform transform )


Emitted when _input_event receives an event. See its description for details.

  • mouse_entered ( )

Emitted when the mouse pointer enters any of this object’s shapes.

  • mouse_exited ( )

Emitted when the mouse pointer exits all this object’s shapes.

Property Descriptions

  • bool input_capture_on_drag

If true, the CollisionObject will continue to receive input events as the mouse is dragged across its shapes.

  • bool input_ray_pickable

If true, the CollisionObject’s shapes will respond to RayCasts.

Method Descriptions

Accepts unhandled InputEvents. click_position is the clicked location in world space and click_normal is the normal vector extending from the clicked surface of the Shape at shape_idx. Connect to the input_event signal to easily pick up these events.

Creates a new shape owner for the given object. Returns owner_id of the new owner for future reference.

  • RID get_rid ( ) const

Returns the object’s RID.

  • Array get_shape_owners ( )

Returns an Array of owner_id identifiers. You can use these ids in other methods that take owner_id as an argument.

  • bool is_shape_owner_disabled ( int owner_id ) const

If true, the shape owner and its shapes are disabled.

  • void remove_shape_owner ( int owner_id )

Removes the given shape owner.

  • int shape_find_owner ( int shape_index ) const

Returns the owner_id of the given shape.

  • void shape_owner_add_shape ( int owner_id, Shape shape )

Adds a Shape to the shape owner.

  • void shape_owner_clear_shapes ( int owner_id )

Removes all shapes from the shape owner.

  • Object shape_owner_get_owner ( int owner_id ) const

Returns the parent object of the given shape owner.

  • Shape shape_owner_get_shape ( int owner_id, int shape_id ) const

Returns the Shape with the given id from the given shape owner.

  • int shape_owner_get_shape_count ( int owner_id ) const

Returns the number of shapes the given shape owner contains.

  • int shape_owner_get_shape_index ( int owner_id, int shape_id ) const

Returns the child index of the Shape with the given id from the given shape owner.

Returns the shape owner’s Transform.

  • void shape_owner_remove_shape ( int owner_id, int shape_id )

Removes a shape from the given shape owner.

  • void shape_owner_set_disabled ( int owner_id, bool disabled )

If true, disables the given shape owner.

  • void shape_owner_set_transform ( int owner_id, Transform transform )

Sets the Transform of the given shape owner.

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