Inherits: Reference < Object

Helper class to handle INI-style files.


This helper class can be used to store Variant values on the filesystem using INI-style formatting. The stored values are identified by a section and a key:

string_example="Hello World!"
a_vector=Vector3( 1, 0, 2 )

The stored data can be saved to or parsed from a file, though ConfigFile objects can also be used directly without accessing the filesystem.

The following example shows how to parse an INI-style file from the system, read its contents and store new values in it:

var config =
var err = config.load("user://settings.cfg")
if err == OK: # If not, something went wrong with the file loading
    # Look for the display/width pair, and default to 1024 if missing
    var screen_width = config.get_value("display", "width", 1024)
    # Store a variable if and only if it hasn't been defined yet
    if not config.has_section_key("audio", "mute"):
        config.set_value("audio", "mute", false)
    # Save the changes by overwriting the previous file"user://settings.cfg")

Keep in mind that section and property names can’t contain spaces. Anything after a space will be ignored on save and on load.

ConfigFiles can also contain manually written comment lines starting with a semicolon (;). Those lines will be ignored when parsing the file. Note that comments will be lost when saving the ConfigFile. This can still be useful for dedicated server configuration files, which are typically never overwritten without explicit user action.


voiderase_section ( String section )
voiderase_section_key ( String section, String key )
PoolStringArrayget_section_keys ( String section ) const
PoolStringArrayget_sections ( ) const
Variantget_value ( String section, String key, Variant default=null ) const
boolhas_section ( String section ) const
boolhas_section_key ( String section, String key ) const
Errorload ( String path )
Errorload_encrypted ( String path, PoolByteArray key )
Errorload_encrypted_pass ( String path, String pass )
Errorsave ( String path )
Errorsave_encrypted ( String path, PoolByteArray key )
Errorsave_encrypted_pass ( String path, String pass )
voidset_value ( String section, String key, Variant value )

Method Descriptions

  • void erase_section ( String section )

Deletes the specified section along with all the key-value pairs inside.

Returns an array of all defined key identifiers in the specified section.

Returns an array of all defined section identifiers.

Returns the current value for the specified section and key. If the section and/or the key do not exist, the method returns the value of the optional default argument, or null if it is omitted.

Returns true if the specified section exists.

Returns true if the specified section-key pair exists.

Loads the config file specified as a parameter. The file’s contents are parsed and loaded in the ConfigFile object which the method was called on.

Returns one of the Error code constants (OK on success).

Saves the contents of the ConfigFile object to the file specified as a parameter. The output file uses an INI-style structure.

Returns one of the Error code constants (OK on success).

Assigns a value to the specified key of the specified section. If the section and/or the key do not exist, they are created. Passing a null value deletes the specified key if it exists, and deletes the section if it ends up empty once the key has been removed.

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