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A CubeMap is a 6-sided 3D texture.


A 6-sided 3D texture typically used for faking reflections. It can be used to make an object look as if it’s reflecting its surroundings. This usually delivers much better performance than other reflection methods.


intget_height ( ) const
Imageget_side ( Side side ) const
intget_width ( ) const
voidset_side ( Side side, Image image )


enum Storage:

  • STORAGE_RAW = 0 — Store the CubeMap without any compression.
  • STORAGE_COMPRESS_LOSSY = 1 — Store the CubeMap with strong compression that reduces image quality.
  • STORAGE_COMPRESS_LOSSLESS = 2 — Store the CubeMap with moderate compression that doesn’t reduce image quality.

enum Side:

  • SIDE_LEFT = 0 — Identifier for the left face of the CubeMap.
  • SIDE_RIGHT = 1 — Identifier for the right face of the CubeMap.
  • SIDE_BOTTOM = 2 — Identifier for the bottom face of the CubeMap.
  • SIDE_TOP = 3 — Identifier for the top face of the CubeMap.
  • SIDE_FRONT = 4 — Identifier for the front face of the CubeMap.
  • SIDE_BACK = 5 — Identifier for the back face of the CubeMap.

enum Flags:

  • FLAG_MIPMAPS = 1 — Generate mipmaps, to enable smooth zooming out of the texture.
  • FLAG_REPEAT = 2 — Repeat (instead of clamp to edge).
  • FLAG_FILTER = 4 — Turn on magnifying filter, to enable smooth zooming in of the texture.
  • FLAGS_DEFAULT = 7 — Default flags. Generate mipmaps, repeat, and filter are enabled.

Property Descriptions


The render flags for the CubeMap. See the Flags constants for details.

  • float lossy_storage_quality

The lossy storage quality of the CubeMap if the storage mode is set to STORAGE_COMPRESS_LOSSY.


The CubeMap’s storage mode. See Storage constants.

Method Descriptions

  • int get_height ( ) const

Returns the CubeMap’s height.

Returns an Image for a side of the CubeMap using one of the Side constants.

  • int get_width ( ) const

Returns the CubeMap’s width.

Sets an Image for a side of the CubeMap using one of the Side constants.

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