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Inherits: Node < Object

Resource filesystem, as the editor sees it.


This object holds information of all resources in the filesystem, their types, etc.


  • filesystem_changed ( )

Emitted if the filesystem changed.

Remitted if a resource is reimported.

  • sources_changed ( bool exist )

Emitted if the source of any imported file changed.

Method Descriptions

Gets the type of the file, given the full path.

Gets the root directory object.

Returns a view into the filesystem at path.

  • float get_scanning_progress ( ) const

Returns the scan progress for 0 to 1 if the FS is being scanned.

  • bool is_scanning ( ) const

Returns true of the filesystem is being scanned.

  • void scan ( )

Scan the filesystem for changes.

  • void scan_sources ( )

Check if the source of any imported resource changed.

  • void update_file ( String path )

Update a file information. Call this if an external program (not Godot) modified the file.

  • void update_script_classes ( )

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