Inherits: Reference < Object

Post-processes scenes after import.


Imported scenes can be automatically modified right after import by setting their Custom Script Import property to a tool script that inherits from this class.

The post_import callback receives the imported scene’s root node and returns the modified version of the scene. Usage example:

tool # Needed so it runs in editor
extends EditorScenePostImport

# This sample changes all node names

# Called right after the scene is imported and gets the root node
func post_import(scene):
    # Change all node names to "modified_[oldnodename]"
    return scene # Remember to return the imported scene

func iterate(node):
    if node != null:
        node.name = "modified_" + node.name
        for child in node.get_children():


Stringget_source_file ( ) const
Stringget_source_folder ( ) const
Objectpost_import ( Object scene ) virtual

Method Descriptions

  • String get_source_file ( ) const

Returns the source file path which got imported (e.g. res://scene.dae).

  • String get_source_folder ( ) const

Returns the resource folder the imported scene file is located in.

Called after the scene was imported. This method must return the modified version of the scene.

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