Inherits: Reference < Object

Reference to a function in an object.


In GDScript, functions are not first-class objects. This means it is impossible to store them directly as variables, return them from another function, or pass them as arguments.

However, by creating a FuncRef using the @GDScript.funcref function, a reference to a function in a given object can be created, passed around and called.


Variantcall_func () vararg
Variantcall_funcv ( Array arg_array )
boolis_valid ( ) const
voidset_function ( String name )
voidset_instance ( Object instance )

Method Descriptions

Calls the referenced function previously set by set_function or @GDScript.funcref.

Calls the referenced function previously set by set_function or @GDScript.funcref. Contrarily to call_func, this method does not support a variable number of arguments but expects all parameters to be passed via a single Array.

  • bool is_valid ( ) const

Returns whether the object still exists and has the function assigned.

  • void set_function ( String name )

The name of the referenced function to call on the object, without parentheses or any parameters.

  • void set_instance ( Object instance )

The object containing the referenced function. This object must be of a type actually inheriting from Object, not a built-in type such as int, Vector2 or Dictionary.

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