A pooled Array of Vector2.


An Array specifically designed to hold Vector2. Optimized for memory usage, does not fragment the memory.

Note: This type is passed by value and not by reference.


PoolVector2ArrayPoolVector2Array ( Array from )
voidappend ( Vector2 vector2 )
voidappend_array ( PoolVector2Array array )
boolempty ( )
intinsert ( int idx, Vector2 vector2 )
voidinvert ( )
voidpush_back ( Vector2 vector2 )
voidremove ( int idx )
voidresize ( int idx )
voidset ( int idx, Vector2 vector2 )
intsize ( )

Method Descriptions

Constructs a new PoolVector2Array. Optionally, you can pass in a generic Array that will be converted.

Appends an element at the end of the array (alias of push_back).

Appends a PoolVector2Array at the end of this array.

Returns true if the array is empty.

Inserts a new element at a given position in the array. The position must be valid, or at the end of the array (idx == size()).

  • void invert ( )

Reverses the order of the elements in the array.

Inserts a Vector2 at the end.

  • void remove ( int idx )

Removes an element from the array by index.

  • void resize ( int idx )

Sets the size of the array. If the array is grown, reserves elements at the end of the array. If the array is shrunk, truncates the array to the new size.

Changes the Vector2 at the given index.

Returns the size of the array.

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