Inherits: Resource < Reference < Object

Inherited By: CSharpScript, GDScript, NativeScript, PluginScript, VisualScript

A class stored as a resource.


A class stored as a resource. A script extends the functionality of all objects that instance it.

The new method of a script subclass creates a new instance. Object.set_script extends an existing object, if that object’s class matches one of the script’s base classes.


Property Descriptions


The script source code or an empty string if source code is not available. When set, does not reload the class implementation automatically.

Method Descriptions

  • bool can_instance ( ) const

Returns true if the script can be instanced.

  • Script get_base_script ( ) const

Returns the script directly inherited by this script.

  • String get_instance_base_type ( ) const

Returns the script’s base type.

Returns the default value of the specified property.

Returns a dictionary containing constant names and their values.

  • Array get_script_method_list ( )

Returns the list of methods in this Script.

  • Array get_script_property_list ( )

Returns the list of properties in this Script.

  • Array get_script_signal_list ( )

Returns the list of user signals defined in this Script.

  • bool has_script_signal ( String signal_name ) const

Returns true if the script, or a base class, defines a signal with the given name.

  • bool has_source_code ( ) const

Returns true if the script contains non-empty source code.

Returns true if base_object is an instance of this script.

  • bool is_tool ( ) const

Returns true if the script is a tool script. A tool script can run in the editor.

Reloads the script’s class implementation. Returns an error code.

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