Inherits: PanelContainer < Container < Control < CanvasItem < Node < Object

Godot editor’s script editor.


boolcan_drop_data_fw ( Vector2 point, Variant data, Control from ) const
voiddrop_data_fw ( Vector2 point, Variant data, Control from )
Scriptget_current_script ( )
Variantget_drag_data_fw ( Vector2 point, Control from )
Arrayget_open_scripts ( ) const
voidgoto_line ( int line_number )
voidopen_script_create_dialog ( String base_name, String base_path )


  • editor_script_changed ( Script script )

Emitted when user changed active script. Argument is a freshly activated Script.

  • script_close ( Script script )

Emitted when editor is about to close the active script. Argument is a Script that is going to be closed.

Method Descriptions

Returns a Script that is currently active in editor.

  • Array get_open_scripts ( ) const

Returns an array with all Script objects which are currently open in editor.

  • void goto_line ( int line_number )

Goes to the specified line in the current script.

  • void open_script_create_dialog ( String base_name, String base_path )

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