Why did you create these forks?

Because forcing our preferences on everyone is not the way to behave in society – community

This is my personal opinion and suggestions about improving the Official Godot Project. Yes, I already said them all in GitHub, but they ignored them all, closed the issues, they did not let me work on them, find other ways to solve the problems I was pointing out or even explain them. They were very rude without reading the issues making me get very angry, and then they banned me for misconduct. Who bans them when they have misconduct? That social structure has a name: dictatorship. I collaborated on other projects and have never been as insulted as that. So it was easier for me to create my own clones and use them by myself instead of dealing with the coders because I can. It’s the Open Source, Stupid! We all own it. My suggestions were:

  • ReadTheDocs: Documentation / Reference
    • Focus on functions instead of tutorials, including tutorials or use cases inside functions. I need a fast and easy way to remember the GDScript syntax because I’m used to the PHP documentation
    • Improve the search engine showing the functions-methods-classes first in a clear way
    • Include questions – answers, comments or suggestion boxes inside the documentation instead of pretending to people improve it by themselves without the knowledge to solve the problems they are dealing
    • Ban automated translations or improve the translation tool to improve them
    • Redirect all the pages to the same version based on the visitor preferences (cookie, lang and version)
    • Put direct links to the different systems in each page for each page: translation, GitHub, Q&A, etc
    • Get rid of it, leave the absurdly complex reStructuredText system. Software must make life simpler. It’s split from the code itself. There is no reason to force contributors to learn such language existing HTML5 or wikis.
  • GitHub: Suggestions / Proposals
    • Stop forcing core coders to do customer support in GitHub, they are being paid but are too busy
    • Stop closing issues for non-related reasons to the problem discussed, you can’t close reality
    • Let the people-community, open, reopen and close their own issues
    • Stop forcing people to make sketches
    • Create different proposal templates for different kind of problems: documentation, editor-ux, translations, feature request, improve efficiency, clone other engines, exporting, etc
    • Stop redirecting Godot users to GitHub for everything, it’s not their place, they are not core coders
    • Get rid of it. Install a Feature Suggestion tool to manage user suggestions (popular-populist willing)
    • Let crazy ideas grow in parallel (EMS conversion)
  • General Customer Relations
    • Split Godot Users from Godot Contributors
    • Create different access levels to different tasks: core coders can access coding but not to customer support, Godot users can access suggestions but not to coding, translators must be native speakers…
    • Let people apply all the levels after proofing their skills, show some work, then let them do their willing
    • Value the free work done by everyone, stop encouraging people to do things and then ignore them
    • If someone is being paid to do their work, require them to do their job, not others
    • Decrease the work size, it’s too much for the actual paid workers
    • Some people are putting at risk their own financial statuses making a bet for Godot, let’s respect that
  • My Godot Reference Fork expectations
    • Automatically cloned and fresh version of the main project
    • Clean Design
    • Public Comments without needing to register
    • English only
    • Reference only
    • Stable version only
    • GDScript only
    • Easy Search
  • My Godot Proposals Fork expectations
    • Public Comments
    • Public Suggestions without needing to register
    • Voting
    • Don’t force doing sketches

Feel free to comment in this thread adding suggestions about the Godot Reference or Proposals Forks. Hope I will not need it in the near future! Meanwhile, you are welcome to use it! I am in accord with you. I should expend all this energy helping the main project but you know what? Most of them didn’t want my help. I’m sorry for Juan because he has always been very nice, during this case too. That’s been the weirdest thing. Why did they even hear him? Some people need a siesta. Peace!

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