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Inherits: Resource < Reference < Object

Inherited By: VisualScriptBasicTypeConstant, VisualScriptBuiltinFunc, VisualScriptClassConstant, VisualScriptComment, VisualScriptCondition, VisualScriptConstant, VisualScriptConstructor, VisualScriptCustomNode, VisualScriptDeconstruct, VisualScriptEmitSignal, VisualScriptEngineSingleton, VisualScriptExpression, VisualScriptFunction, VisualScriptFunctionCall, VisualScriptGlobalConstant, VisualScriptIndexGet, VisualScriptIndexSet, VisualScriptInputAction, VisualScriptIterator, VisualScriptLists, VisualScriptLocalVar, VisualScriptLocalVarSet, VisualScriptMathConstant, VisualScriptOperator, VisualScriptPreload, VisualScriptPropertyGet, VisualScriptPropertySet, VisualScriptResourcePath, VisualScriptReturn, VisualScriptSceneNode, VisualScriptSceneTree, VisualScriptSelect, VisualScriptSelf, VisualScriptSequence, VisualScriptSubCall, VisualScriptSwitch, VisualScriptTypeCast, VisualScriptVariableGet, VisualScriptVariableSet, VisualScriptWhile, VisualScriptYield, VisualScriptYieldSignal

A node which is part of a VisualScript.


A node which is part of a VisualScript. Not to be confused with Node, which is a part of a SceneTree.


  • ports_changed ( )

Emitted when the available input/output ports are changed.

Method Descriptions

  • Variant get_default_input_value ( int port_idx ) const

Returns the default value of a given port. The default value is used when nothing is connected to the port.

Returns the VisualScript instance the node is bound to.

  • void ports_changed_notify ( )

Notify that the node’s ports have changed. Usually used in conjunction with VisualScriptCustomNode .

  • void set_default_input_value ( int port_idx, Variant value )

Change the default value of a given port.

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